TWP Ostasize 60 caps


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TWP Ostasize is a supplement that will not let you down! It features significantly less toxicity than alternative prohormones while maintaining comparable effectiveness. It is a product for those who train regularly and helps to refine the effects already achieved.

TWP Ostasize is a SARM, i.e., a selective androgen receptor modulator. Its role is to increase the anabolic potential, which positively affects strength and muscle mass gain. It can also accelerate key fat-burning processes in the body, which, while affecting muscle mass, contributes to building a harmonious silhouette. It makes regeneration happen much faster. It improves bone and muscle density, thus creating an excellent basis for practical training.

Epicatechin – an antioxidant that occurs naturally in many products, e.g., apples and cocoa, however only when delivered in concentrated doses can it bring significant benefits. It increases muscle growth, strength, and performance. It also inhibits myostatin, which is responsible for limiting the growth of muscle tissue. In addition, it has excellent health benefits – it helps lower blood pressure and also reduces cholesterol levels.

Ostarine – or MK-2866. SARM, which supports muscle tissue building and fat tissue reduction. It enables active people to increase their strength and endurance.

TWP Ostasize works comprehensively. Increases training capacity and prepares the body for intense exercise.


1-2 tablets taken once a day: after waking up or 3 hours before training.
The package contains 30 suggested servings. Do not exceed recommended doses.