TWP CardaLean Gw-501516 60 caps


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CardaLean Gw-501516 60caps

Dietary supplements are undoubtedly associated mainly with the bodybuilding industry and strength sports. This association is valid, but it does not mean that other athletes do not use similar preparations. This is because everything depends on the properties of the active substances contained in specific supplements. That’s why bodybuilders mainly reach for compounds from the SARMs group. cardarine!

Cardarine is a compound that activates and increases the expression of PPARδ receptors. The role of these receptors is extremely important, as they regulate metabolism at the cellular level and support the immune system. So it’s not hard to guess that the course of metabolic processes is of great importance for athletes.

During the physical effort, the whole body works at higher speeds. This is when the cardarine interacts with the receptors mentioned above. This triggers several important reactions. Firstly, cardarine increases the oxidation of fatty acids, which leads to their faster burning. Thus, this compound may help people who intend to reduce body weight. What’s more, studies have confirmed that cardarine additionally increases insulin sensitivity. This is very useful because insulin resistance is a significant factor in the development of obesity and diabetes.

Secondly, cardarine influences the changes occurring in the body during exercise. There are several aspects to this. One of them is the increased level of nitric oxide in the blood. As you know, nitric oxide largely determines the efficiency of the entire circulatory system. Thanks to it, the oxygenation of the blood increases, which makes it easier for oxygen to reach the cells. Thus, this compound increases training efficiency. Also, taking a cardarine also affects the endurance of the entire body. The increased expression of receptors makes the muscles cope much better with training loads.

Thirdly, clinical studies conducted with cardarine have shown that its supplementation improves lipid metabolism. So this is another aspect regarding the positive effects of GW-501516 on metabolism.

In conclusion, cardarine is not another compound with anabolic effects. Nonetheless, it can provide improved results by increasing muscle endurance and overall body performance.

Cardarine can be found in many different supplements. However, TWP Nutrition specializes in accessories that contain SARMs and other compounds that act directly on receptors. That’s why CardaLean capsules are a guarantee of getting all the effects described above. It is also worth paying attention to the economic aspect. One pack of CardaLean contains 60 capsules. Thus, it is sufficient for an entire cycle lasting about four weeks!


Each capsule of CardaLean contains precisely 10 milligrams of the active substance in the form of a cardarine. The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules daily. However, the recommended cycle length for Cardarine supplementation is 1-2 months.