Red Army Siberian Tiger 90caps 10mg (Ibutamoren)


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The Siberian tiger is the giant Asian tiger and, therefore, the most prominent representative of the entire cat family. So it is no coincidence that this tiger has become the symbol of the capsules described. Red Army Siberian Tiger capsules are supposed to make you the enormous tiger in the gym!

The active ingredient found in these capsules is ibutamoren (MK-677). Indeed, all experienced athletes are well aware of its properties. However, for the sake of order, it is worth briefly introducing them.

Right away, it is worth noting that ibutamoren, contrary to popular opinion, does not belong to the SARMS group. It is a compound that is a mimetic of ghrelin, a peptide hormone. Why might such properties of ibutamoren be important for athletes?

The action of ibutamoren causes stimulation of specific ghrelin receptors, leading to increased growth hormone synthesis. It is this relationship that is the fundamental aspect of MK-677 supplementation. Studies have shown that with regular supplementation, ibutamoren can significantly increase the body’s growth hormone level.

In turn, higher levels of growth hormone can provide truly spectacular benefits. It is clear that, first and foremost, it will increase anabolism in the broadest sense. This is because growth hormone facilitates the building of new muscle fibres and, at the same time, inhibits catabolism. This effect will be particularly noticeable in people who reduce their caloric intake. During such a reduction, ibutamoren can effectively protect the developed physique.

At the same time, another critical aspect should not be forgotten. For many years, scientists have been studying the issue of treating the resulting injuries with growth hormones. Studies prove that growth hormones can significantly accelerate the body’s overall recovery. For athletes, this mainly applies to muscle recovery. However, growth hormone can be invaluable during recovery from injuries for others.

Thus, Red Army Siberian Tiger capsules will not only help you build your dream figure but also effectively protect your body from catabolism. By the way, they will help accelerate the body’s recovery and facilitate the treatment of injuries!


Ibutamoren should be taken once a day. In the case of Siberian Tiger capsules, the daily dose is 2-4 capsules. In addition, the manufacturer recommends that one cycle of supplementation should last a maximum of about 4-6 weeks.