Qnt Joint+ 60 caps


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Joint + QNT is a supplement designed for athletes and physically active people. Improves the functioning and regeneration of damaged or overloaded joints. The Joint + QNT company influences the process of reconstruction of damaged articular cartilage. This supplement is also used to prevent osteoporosis, which often attacks the body of the elderly. Recent scientific studies have just proven effective glucosamine also in joint pain and inflammation. Glucosamine sulfate is very well absorbed, penetrating the digestive tract into the diseased cartilage, which promotes its regeneration.

Properties and mode of action of the preparation:

supports the proper functioning of joints and cartilage,

ensures proper lubrication of joints,

improves joint strength and flexibility,

nourishes and regenerates connective tissue.

The Joint + consists of:

Glucosamine is the basic component of synovial fluid. If the body does not have enough glucosamine, the goose becomes thinner and more watery, and the joints are not “lubricated” enough and are more susceptible to damage. Providing an adequate amount of glucosamine in the form of a dietary supplement stimulates the production of synovial fluid.

Chondroitin plays a key role in the production of articular cartilage proteoglycans. It acts as an analgesic, increases mobility and stabilizes the width of the joint. Chondroitin is one of the main components of articular cartilage. Chondroitin sulfate rebuilds the joint cartilage and has a very large impact on the efficiency and strength of the joints.

Calcium is the basic component of bones. Calcium together with vitamin D3 supports our joints.

The QNT product has been enriched with vitamin D3 – the effect of vitamin D3 on the calcium-phosphate metabolism also translates directly to the bone system, because calcium is necessary for proper muscle contraction and conduction of nerve impulses, and its appropriate amount improves training endurance and shortens recovery time.


1 capsule twice a day.