Psycho Pharma PHARMA-Z 100 caps


Psycho Pharma – Pharma-Z

Calm and a feeling of blissful relaxation is something that millions of people lack today. However, this is hardly surprising. The current lifestyle, in a way, forces us to be in a constant hurry and perform several activities simultaneously. This, in turn, often makes us feel tired and completely unmotivated. Is it even possible to find time for a moment of true relaxation with such a daily routine?

Psycho Pharma proves that it is possible. Pharma-Z, one of the many supplements produced under this brand, can help. What’s essential, the Psycho Pharma group is famous for creating dietary supplements and the so-called nootropics. Nootropics are defined as various substances that support the brain’s work, which may also guarantee improvement of our cognitive abilities. This is what the Pharma-Z preparation refers to. Why?

Because Pharma-Z is a product that acts in two directions. On the one hand, it provides a feeling of relaxation and puts our body and mind in a state of tranquillity. On the other hand, the ingredients contained in this preparation may intensify the effects of other nootropics. This makes Pharma-Z an ideal complement to other products of this type. The manufacturer itself recommends combining this product with the Infinite Brain supplement or other nootropics.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid- Gaba-is a neurotransmitter inhibitor in the human brain. It is a natural sedative and forces the body to produce the endorphins that make us happy. GABA supplementation helps increase the number of alpha waves in the brain, which can help you enter a state of deeper sleep and promote a state of deep relaxation, helping you stay calm in the face of stress. It effectively reduces adrenaline, norepinephrine, and dopamine levels in the brain, providing a relaxing effect after a hard training session or stressful day at work. GABA boosts the production of growth hormone, which through its action increases the intracellular transport of amino acids, leading to the synthesis of muscle fibres.

Bioperine™ – a patented type of black pepper extract with high piperine content

Black pepper is undoubtedly not as exotic a plant as the canna above. After all, this aromatic spice has been present in our kitchens for many decades. However, this does not change the fact that black pepper and canna have one thing in common. Black pepper and canna have one thing in common: their unique effect on the human nervous system.

As far as black pepper is concerned, its beneficial effects result primarily from the presence of piperine. This is an active substance, the most significant amount of which can be found in the black pepper fruit. Research has shown that piperine significantly facilitates the process of losing weight. This compound improves metabolism and stimulates the body to burn fat faster. However, piperine has another exciting property…

Well, it increases the assimilability of many nutritional substances which we supply to our body every day. Why is this so important? Because assimilability determines whether the body will adequately use the ingredients provided to it. Unfortunately, many valuable nutrients have a low level of assimilability. As a result, even taking them regularly does not guarantee the expected benefits. A great example here is curcumin and some substances belonging to the nootropic group.

This is why the Pharma-Z preparation also includes a supplement called Bioperine™. This patented black pepper extract has a very high piperine content. Thus, it is often used as an auxiliary ingredient in various dietary supplements. Its presence is supposed to increase the assimilability of other substances contained in a given preparation. It is Bioperine™ that is responsible for the synergistic effect when using Pharma-Z capsules together with other nootropics. However, it must be admitted that this is indeed an apt combination that significantly increases the benefits of the supplementation used.


The producer recommends a single use of 4 capsules of Pharma-Z. Suppose the supplement is meant for relaxation and calming purposes. In that case, the capsules can be taken at any time of the day. However, when using Pharma-Z and nootropics, it is advisable to take the tablets just before taking the other preparation. In this way, you can increase the absorption of substances contained in both supplements. One pack of Pharma-Z includes 50 capsules, which corresponds to over 12 daily doses.