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When supplements developed based on compounds such as SARMS appeared on the market, they instantly aroused great interest. Athletes had long been waiting for the appearance of an alternative to the infamous anabolic steroids. Therefore, it is unsurprising that SARMS quickly convinced a large group of athletes. In turn, their users’ positive feedback further fueled the popularity spiral.

Currently, compounds from the SARMS group seem even more popular than steroids. This is mainly because they provide similar benefits but significantly fewer side effects.

On the market, you can find numerous preparations based on SARMS-type compounds. Such a series includes Project X supplements. Unlike many other preparations, Project X supplements do not contain only one active substance. This is because they were developed in the form of capsules containing several compounds from this group. Such synergy makes the entire supplementation much more effective. For this reason, preparations from the Project X series will meet the expectations of even the most demanding athletes!

Project X Tango capsules contain three active ingredients. These are:

– Ibutamoren (MK-677) – Project X supplements mainly contain compounds from the SARMS group, but there are exceptions to this rule. Indeed, ibutamoren (MK-677) can be found in the composition of many such preparations. Unfortunately, this compound is often mistakenly included in the SARMs group. Ibutamoren is a mimetic of ghrelin, a substance that affects the process of growth hormone synthesis. Therefore, taking MK-677 in supplement form significantly increases the concentration of this hormone in the body. This, in turn, guarantees apparent benefits in terms of sports performance. For this reason, ibutamoren is a compound that strengthens muscles and accelerates their growth. In addition, it inhibits catabolic processes, as well as accelerates the regeneration of the entire body.

– Ostarine (MK-2866) –  is a popular SARMS-type compound. This is because it has been the subject of many scientific studies conducted. These, in turn, have confirmed its effectiveness. That’s why many people interested in supplementing SARMS-type compounds have reached MK-2866. Ostarine helps in the fast and effective development of musculature and increases the body’s anabolism. This, in turn, provides additional benefits such as increased bone density and improved performance. In addition, MK-2866 can help in the fight against unnecessary pounds. For this reason, it is often used by people who engage in figure sports.

– Ligandrol (LGD-4033) – many studies confirming its effectiveness also appear. LGD-4033 is another representative of the SARMS group. Thus, this compound strongly inhibits the body’s catabolism and helps expand muscle mass. In addition, ligandrol does not aromatize with estrogen. As a result, its use does not cause side effects typical of anabolic steroids. Thus, ligandrol becomes an exciting alternative for athletes intending to enter a new level of supplementation. Certainly, LAG-4033 will improve the results and contribute to a much better physique!


The scheme for taking Tango capsules is straightforward. The first capsule should be taken in the morning, about 20 minutes before a meal. At the same time, the second one must be taken in the afternoon with an identical interval.

As for the timing of supplementation, Tango capsules have a substantial effect. For this reason, they must not be taken for too long. The manufacturer recommends using this product in cycles of 8-12 weeks. After completing the cycle, you should take at least a 4-week break and use a natural testosterone booster. This way, the supplementation will bring the best results and will not cause a decrease in natural testosterone or other side effects.