Project X Sierra 60caps


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SARMS compounds have gained enormous popularity over the years. Initially, they were considered just another form of supplementation for the most demanding athletes. However, over time, these inconspicuous substances could become an alternative even to anabolic steroids. Why? Because they provided similar effects, their use did not cause so many side effects.

For this reason, taking SARMS supplements has become an increasingly common practice. This, in turn, entailed an increase in their availability. Newer and newer preparations created based on such substances began to appear on the market. A sizable portion of such supplements contained only one or two active substances.

Therefore, the Project X series quickly distinguished itself from other supplements based on SARMS-type compounds. This is because such preparations contain as many as several active substances. Thanks to this, the manufacturers managed to achieve the phenomenon of synergy, i.e. the simultaneous action of a couple of different compounds. Thus, Project X supplements show a very high efficiency of action. Thus, they will be a good choice even for demanding athletes.

Project X Sierra capsules contain three active substances in their composition. These are:

– Cardarine (GW-501516) – the compound referred to as GW-501516 or cardarine is often lumped together in the group of SARMS-type substances. However, this is not the correct classification. Cardarine acts on peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors delta (PPAR). Thus, the external intake of GW-501516 leads to an increase in the efficiency of fatty acid oxidation. This, in turn, accelerates the burning of body fat and, consequently, the fight against unnecessary pounds. However, the role of GW-501516 cannot be limited only to that of a fat burner. The compound can additionally increase the body’s performance, and it also exhibits anabolic effects. This makes GW-501516 perfect for people who care about low body fat and visible musculature.

– Testolone (RAD-140) – testolone, to this day, is regarded as one of the most widely used compounds from the SARMS group. Thus, it cannot be the result of coincidence. Indeed, RAD-140 has several important advantages. First, it is pretty well absorbed by the body and does not cause serious side effects. On the other hand, it has very high efficiency of action. However, what does this action consist of? Testolone mainly promotes the building of lean muscle mass. This is possible mainly due to a significant increase in anabolism. RAD-140 is considered a much safer form of TRT, providing similar benefits and fewer side effects.

– S23 – the compound S23 is often lined up with the popular ligandrol. This is justified due to the relatively similar properties of the two substances. S23 and ligandrol work well when building lean body mass. What’s more, such an effect also increases strength and muscular endurance. This is important for those striving for the best possible sports performance. As for other properties of S23, it can also support the fat-burning process. In this respect, therefore, it will perfectly complement the action of GW-501516.


Sierra capsules should be taken two times a day. The first one should be taken in the morning with or immediately after a meal. On the other hand, the second capsule can be taken during the day with a meal or right after it.

Due to the high anabolic potential of the compounds contained in Sierra capsules, this formula should be taken in cycles. In this case, the optimal length of one cycle is about 8-12 weeks. After that, the preparation should be discontinued for at least four weeks. During the break, it is worth reaching for a preparation that acts as a natural testosterone booster. This simple procedure will allow you to quickly reduce any possible drops caused by the previous supplementation.