Oxy Burn 90 caps


Oxy Burn 90 caps

Oxy Burn Static Labz is a fat burner rich in a combination of proven ingredients that reduce body fat and effectively stimulate you to perform intense workouts to achieve a perfect figure. The Static Labz burner formula contains the ideal balance between thermogenic and appetite-reducing ingredients. It also supports regular training, increasing focus and motivation.

Oxy Burn contains thermogenic ingredients that allow you to quickly lose body fat even from sensitive places such as the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks. Eria Jarensis extract is an excellent well-being booster; it increases concentration, alertness, and focuses while suppressing the appetite. DMHA (dimestylhexylamine) increases training efficiency and reduces the level of adipose tissue.

DMHA – a potent stimulant with an effect similar to DMAA. It affects the central nervous system by increasing the level of dopamine and norepinephrine. It is the perfect complement to hard training, allowing you to make tremendous progress in the gym, increasing your pain threshold for the best results. Intensive workouts combined with the use of DMHA give phenomenal results in suppressing appetite, reducing body fat, improving memory and creativity, and reducing anxiety by preventing fatigue. The preparation is an exciting alternative for people who are delighted with the effects of DMAA but show poor tolerance to this stimulant.

Yohimbine – a substance that is helpful in the fight against the so-called resistant adipose tissue, located mainly in the thorax and lower waist areas in men and hips, buttocks, and thighs in women. Yohimbine works by blocking α2 receptors, which clearly facilitates slimming and is helpful in sculpting body parts resistant to slimming. It is worth remembering that the effect of yohimbine is effectively eliminated by insulin. So taking this compound around carbohydrate meals is pointless. Yohimbine is especially effective when used on an empty stomach before exercise.

Caffeine – has a thermogenic effect and suppresses appetite due to the increase in the production of adrenaline and norepinephrine. In addition, it has been proven that it causes an increase in the formation of such neurotransmitters in the central nervous system as dopamine, acetylcholine, or even serotonin, which exerts a stimulating effect and increases cognitive functions. Thus, the overall development of caffeine on the body allows you to maintain the effectiveness of training and maintain a positive mood, despite the caloric deficit.

Eria Jarensis Extract – acts as a neuromodulator on the central nervous system, giving many benefits to cognitive functions. Provides mood-improving effects by increasing the level of dopamine and noradrenaline in the body. Dopamine is responsible for increasing the sense of well-being. Therefore Eria Jarensis extract provides a euphoric effect and at the same time reduces the feeling of anxiety. Dopamine and norepinephrine are also associated with increased mental alertness and concentration.

Green Tea Extract – owes its slimming properties to catechins, namely a substance called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Catechins contained in green tea extract exert a significant influence on the reduction of adipose tissue. As a result, they inhibit the absorption of fats from food and increase their use by the body. In addition, green tea increases the activity of certain enzymes responsible for the digestive process, has a positive effect on the liver metabolism, increases thermogenesis, and accelerates the oxidation of fats.

Higenamine – an alkaloid obtained mainly from the seeds of Nelumbo Nucifera – the typical lotus, in small amounts, can also be found in coffee. It shows a synergistic effect to NMT, causing the release of norepinephrine and adrenaline into the blood, which results in the expansion of the respiratory tract and thus increasing the body’s efficiency. Thus, the compound acts as a stimulant, increasing energy and alertness. In addition, Higenamine reduces oxidative stress by protecting the body against free radicals.

Synephrine – has a similar structure to ephedrine. It is obtained naturally from unripe citrus fruits, e.g., Citrus uranium L., Citrus aurantium L. This substance is a natural substitute for ephedrine. Increasingly, it is added to drugs and dietary supplements intended for athletes and overweight people. This compound boosts metabolism, reduces appetite, and at the same time increases mental and physical activity. Synephrine increases blood pressure and affects the cardiac output. It widens the bronchi, making it easier to breathe, effectively opens the sinuses, and improves well-being.

Theobromine is a compound known from the popular yerba mate, showing a diuretic effect, which helps get rid of excess water from the body, masking the effects of reducing body fat. In this way, it directly influences the increase of the figure’s aesthetics by maximizing the muscle definition. Furthermore, in combination with caffeine, theobromine also has a thermogenic effect, accelerating body fat reduction.

Grains of Paradise – the ExtractExtract act agonistically on TRPV1 receptors and increase adrenaline and norepinephrine production, promoting lipolysis. Thanks to which it releases energy substrates necessary to maintain the continuity of the muscles involved in a physical effort by intensifying the degradation of previously accumulated adipose tissue.

Increasing the efficiency of thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue. It promotes the appropriate hormonal environment by increasing testosterone synthesis. Acting anti-estrogenic supports the shaping of the proper body composition. By leading to solid excitation of TRPV1 and TRPA1 receptors, it causes limitation of their activity, which reduces the amount of pain experienced.

Black Pepper Extract – the critical ingredient is piperine – it makes us sneeze and affects the fact that we lose weight. Scientists have carried out research that clearly shows that piperine interferes with the action of genes responsible for forming new fat cells. Thanks to the piperine in black seeds, we better absorb B vitamins, selenium, and beta-carotene from food. In addition, pepper improves digestion, disinfects the urinary tract, helps to fight inflammation, and even reduces the feeling of pain.

Cayenne Pepper ExtractExtract – one of the best natural remedies for weight loss. It has been proven that reducing appetite and accelerates metabolism by up to 25%, contributing to faster burning of calories. Capsaicin – the main active ingredient of pepper – is responsible for this effect. An additional advantage of the use is its positive effect on overall health. The benefits include increased blood flow, increased sex drive, reduction of ulcers, improved digestion, and the maintenance of adequate blood pressure.

Oxy Burn Dosage:

3 capsules a day.