MYOGROW 60 CAPS(muscle growth and strength)


Metabolic Nutrition MYOGROW 60 CAPS(muscle growth and strength)

Metabolic Nutrition MyoGrow is the natural answer to unlocking your real anabolic potential. Developed using the most powerful muscle-building components that nature has to offer, MyoGrow helps in increasing protein synthesis, regulating cortisol levels, reducing inflammation, and reducing myostatin, to create the ideal environment for muscle growth and strength. Natural and non-toxic MyoGrow is ideal for men and women who want to increase strength, improve the aesthetics of the figure, lose unnecessary kilograms and improve the overall appearance of their body.

The product consists of several precisely selected active ingredients of the highest quality combined in two strongly anabolic blending classes.

(Muscle Grow Amplifiers)

Epicatechin, promoting the activation of growth by increasing the advantage of follistatin over myostatin, allows the preservation and development of muscle tissue. Accelerating the damage reconstruction process supports the regeneration of the body. By inhibiting the excessive activity of myostatin, it reduces the formation of fibrosis. By supporting the creation of an antioxidant barrier, increases the stability of muscle tissue and supports the maintenance of the proper condition of the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, and the liver. Thus, BRAWN Epic Elite is an excellent product with a comprehensively health-promoting effect, which, due to its strong anti-catabolic properties, significantly supports the behavior of the developed musculature.

Laxosterone (5α-hydroxy Laxogenin) is a patented extract from the Smilax root scobinicaulis (5-alpha-hydroxy-laksogenin). Achieving this unique concentration is possible thanks to the bioconversion process, which allows the extraction of the highly purified amount of active ingredient, which is widely effective, which makes the state very popular laxogenin.

5α-hydroxy Laxogenin delivered to the human body, has an anabolic-androgenic effect, the ratio of which is comparable to Anavar. Anti-catabolic properties are manifested by lowering the cortisol level. Thus, it supports the synthesis of muscle protein and its subsequent protection against degradation. Probably, mainly due to interference in thyroid activity, it promotes fat loss. In addition, it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

It is recognized that laxogenin is not transformed into sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogens so that it does not affect the radical changes in their quantity and mutual proportion. Thus, it does not lead to the negative effects attributed to their excessive concentration and disturbance of mutual proportions, such as changes in organs, mood swings and libido, or the effects of discontinuation of sex hormones. In addition, it does not induce a typical hepatotoxic effect, attributed to some precursors of steroid hormones.

(Anabolic Optimization Matrix Proprietary Blend)

D-Aspartic acid – DAA is a twin version of L-aspartic acid, a protein-building amino acid. It occurs naturally in the human body and is formed as a product of the conversion of L-aspartic acid. We observe the highest amounts of DAA in the glands involved in regulating the amount of male anabolic hormones – the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, and testes. The research confirmed the effectiveness of D-aspartic acid (DAA) supplementation in increasing the level of testosterone and luteinizing hormone in men, whose levels increased by up to 43% and 33%. What’s more, after the end of the cycle, the elevated levels of hormones continued to persist.

DAA is well absorbed from the digestive tract. The use of DAA supplementation can effectively influence the increase in body musculature and definition, increased libido, improvement of sexual performance, improvement of erection, better concentration.

Boron – This is an extremely valuable element, which deficiencies can lead to degenerative joint diseases and prostate cancer. Boron has a positive effect on the concentration of vitamin D2, magnesium, calcium, and copper in the body. It has a beneficial effect on motor coordination, mental fitness, and long and short-term memory. It also increases the activity of estrogen and testosterone, which is why it is so important for people to exercise, especially for those who want to build muscle mass more effectively, without worrying about the condition of often tired with heavy joint training.

Vit D (Cholecalciferol) – is an organic chemical compound from the group of vitamin D. It is soluble in fats and has the ability to store in the body. He is best known for his influence on the calcium economy and its positive effect on bones, but in recent years much more health properties of vitamin D have been discovered for practically every system in our body. It is synthesized on the skin under the influence of UV-B rays on 7-dehydrocholesterol.
Black pepper extract (as piper nigrum) It significantly facilitates the absorption of substances such as vitamins, amino acids, micro-and macroelements. It also has nootropic properties, improves mood and protects the nervous system cells. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. It also speeds up fat burning, thus helping to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

To sum up, Metabolic Myogrow is an anabolic-anti-catabolic product. Promoting the acquisition of dry, lean muscle mass, devoid of unnecessary water retention, additionally, the product is able to improve the results of our testosterone levels and effectively fight high cortisol, thereby effectively supporting the creation of an attractive silhouette.


It is recommended to use two capsules a day