Koka Labz Ostarine 10mg 120caps


Ostarine is a substance that belongs to SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators). Its greatest advantage is its great effect on muscle mass gain. It also has a beneficial effect on increasing bone density and regeneration in the face of various injuries.


Koka Labz MK-2866 OSTARINE stimulates androgen receptors while acting in a manner similar to testosterone. As a result, it enhances muscle mass, increases performance, strength and endurance. The product is mainly dedicated to all those who strive for lean muscle mass.

It is worth noting that the formula boosts metabolism, which results in the optimization of lipid levels. It also helps to reduce triglycerides, glucose and cholesterol. Its use is therefore beneficial for those struggling with heart disease. The product also provides support in the fight against bone problems and, as already mentioned, injuries. This is because it significantly speeds up recovery from injuries.

Ostarine does not affect the increase in liver enzymes and thus does not cause hepatotoxicity. It also protects muscles during the reduction process, improves skin condition, increases insulin sensitivity and has a good effect on lipograms. Some will be interested to know that ostarine does not aromatize to estradiol.


As recommended by the manufacturer – take 1 capsule daily. Do not exceed two doses per day. There are 120 capsules in the package.

The product is intended for adults only.