Immortal Science The Reaper 120 caps


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Immortal Science Reaper 120 caps

Could you make a pact with the Reaper to achieve your goals? If so, we have good news for you. This time, it is not your soul that is at stake…

Immortal Science Reaper contains Ostarine (also known as MK-2866). This is a compound belonging to the SARM group of substances that act on androgen receptors. This means that supplementing with ostarin can provide effects similar to taking anabolic steroids. However, ostarin itself does not belong to the group of steroids in any case.

Ostarine has been studied many times by scientists whose goal was to know exactly the properties of this compound. The results of the research were promising, to say the least. Scientists have found that MK-2866 contributes to increased lean body mass while not causing the side effects typical of steroids.

Other studies have found that taking ostarine helps athletes achieve better training results. MK-2866 contributes to increased muscle strength and endurance, as well as improving body conditioning. Moreover, this compound stimulates the growth of muscle tissue while limiting the synthesis of fat tissue. This is why ostarine has become very popular among people who do bodybuilding sports.

Clearly, it is not a prepper suitable for bodybuilding adepts. Meeting the Harvester requires a lot of experience in terms of strength training and knowledge of your body. However, if you meet these requirements, Immortal Science Reaper can provide you with entirely new possibilities!

1 capsule contains 10 milligrams of ostarine (MK-2866).


The manufacturer recommends taking 2-4 capsules per day (doses need to be spread out). Do not exceed the maximum amount, which is 40 milligrams of MK-2866. Ostarin is worth taking in cycles lasting about 8-10 weeks.