Dark Earth Research Venom Pre-Workout 30 servings



Dark Earth Research has been operating in the dietary supplement market for some time now. Indeed, this market is highly competitive and requires fighting for customers. In this regard, the critical issue is to stand out from the market competition. Dark Earth Research, therefore, decided to create a product that would distinguish itself through its multidirectional action. Such an assumption, by the way, led to the development of the new Venom pre-workout.

Its action concerns three critical levels:

  1. Dark Earth’s Venom pre-workout is designed to support cognitive functions, specifically the ability to maintain focus and concentration.
  2. A stimulating effect also characterizes Venom. Thus, such supplementation can increase perceived energy just before a workout.
  3. The described pre-workout supplement can induce a mild euphoric effect in some people.

It, in turn, will provide an improvement in mood and an increase in perceived motivation.

Of course, each described mechanism is the effect of active substances found in Venom pre-workout. The following compounds deserve mention:

– Beta-alanine – this widespread amino acid is the primary ingredient in most pre-workout supplements. Manufacturers don’t rely on it for no reason. After all, beta-alanine increases muscle endurance and performance. For this reason, its action will be beneficial for any athlete.

– Agmatine sulfate – agmatine in the form of sulfate has the valuable ability to intensify the intensity of the muscle pump felt. Thus, it can affect the more effective work of the circulatory system.

– Anhydrous caffeine – caffeine in anhydrous form becomes a much more practical solution for those who need an immediate boost of extra energy.

– Walnut (DMHA) – the natural active compounds found in walnuts can very effectively mimic the effects of DMHA. For this reason, the walnut extract will be an ideal choice for people who need a more substantial boost.

– L-norvaline – supplementation of this amino acid can increase arginine levels in the body. This, in turn, will provide the effect of a more robust muscle pump and improved anabolic capacity.

– Bitter Orange –  is another compound that exerts a stimulating effect on our nervous system. However, this is not its only property. After all, it can also enhance thermogenesis and thus contribute to faster fat burning.

– Choline bicinate – regular use of choline bicinate leads to a significant increase in choline levels in the body. This may provide benefits regarding cognitive abilities. In addition, some studies report a potential relationship between higher choline levels and more efficient fat burning.

– Geranium- is an almost legendary substance known for its effective stimulant properties. You can find as much as 100 mg per serving in the Dark Earth Research Venom supplement. Thus, no one should complain about the effectiveness of this pre-workout.

– Hordenine HCL – hordenine is a plant alkaloid increasingly found in pre-workout nutrient formulations. This is primarily due to its stimulating and invigorating properties. Thanks to this, hordenine supplementation can improve mood and increase motivation.

– Thistle extract – Thistle extracts are the most widely used source of Thistle Extract. Athletes value this compound for its thermogenic and stimulating properties. In the case of Venom nutrient, the effect of Eph maybe even more intense due to its synergy with synephrine.

– Yohimbine HCL – in recent years, yohimbine has gained much popularity relatively quickly. Thus, it has become rapidly a substance compared to other compounds with stimulant effects. The mechanism of action of yohimbine is mainly based on the stimulation of processes related to the production of adrenaline. This produces several products in the body that may be desirable during physical activity.


Initially, the manufacturer recommends using half a measure of the product (just under 5 grams). Then, the product should be mixed with water and drunk 15-20 minutes before training. Only after the body’s tolerance increases can the dose be increased to 1 full measure (about 9.5 grams).

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