Core Labs RAD-140 5mg 60 CAPS


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Core Labs RAD 140 60 CAPS

Core labs Rad 140 is a dietary supplement with anabolic potential enriched with vitamin E. NAC RAD 140 is one of the most potent SARMs globally that combines the strength of anabolic-androgenic steroids and prohormones. It does not cause side effects like the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids and hormonal preparations.

It is an ideal alternative to steroids, prohormones and other anabolic preparations not tested. The addition of vitamin E effectively inhibits the action of free radicals, taking care of the vascular system. Interestingly, RAD140 can reduce body fat by increasing muscle mass.

People who want to get rid of unwanted body fat without affecting muscle mass should be particularly interested in this product!

NAC is an N-acetyl derivative of cysteine, an endogenous sulfuric amino acid found naturally in our bodies. The product is recommended especially to athletes during periods of increased physical exertion, during increased susceptibility to stress and illness, and as an adjuvant to cleanse the body of toxins. By inactivating reactive oxygen species and reducing oxidative stress, protects cells against damage and supports the body’s immunity. Increases endurance in athletes, improving their performance and susceptibility to fatigue. Facilitates expectoration, lung ventilation, gas exchange. It supports oxygenation. It also speeds up post-exercise regeneration processes and reduces inflammation resulting from overloading. As a compound that supplies acetyl groups, it supports the production of testosterone. Due to the intense stimulation of regeneration of damaged liver cells (hepatocytes), some athletes are used during and after the cycle using prohormones and steroids.

Vitamin E- has many different functions. It stands right next to vitamins A and C, as all of them are potent antioxidants with the task of protecting the body against oxidative stress and cell damage caused by free radicals. In addition, vitamin E inhibits the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, thus preventing atherosclerotic plaque formation. It actively participates in the synthesis of anticoagulants, preserves the proper permeability of cell membranes, and minimizes the phenomenon of platelet aggregation. Therefore it effectively prevents the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels. It is recommended for people who have high blood cholesterol. It can be used in prophylaxis against myocardial infarction. Research carried out so far has shown that vitamin E has an anti-cancer effect. Its high doses support the action of insulin and normalize the level of glucose in the blood. As if that was not enough, it participates in transmitting nerve signals throughout the body.

RAD 140 – is currently the most remarkable substance in the world of supplementation, with the most significant potential. The first tests showed that the anabolic properties of the product can surpass even the action of synthetic testosterone, which is considered the most anabolic doping agent. However, the most important thing is that RAD does not cause side effects attributed to testosterone, such as the negative effect on the prostate or other internal organs. It is also not stored in the body in the form of DHT, which limits, among other things, the risk of hair loss. A widespread undesirable effect of doping is the high aromatase activity, which translates into a very high level of estradiol in the body.

Consequently, it may lead to gynecomastia, stopping excessive amounts of subcutaneous water, or losing already built muscle mass. RAD 140 does not raise the level of this hormone in any way, nor does it have toxic effects on the liver. Already doses of 4 mg Sarm RAD 140 a day lead to increased anabolic processes in the body. Moreover, it allows for a higher density and quality of muscles. RAD is also applicable to athletes, not only bodybuilders but also those for whom muscle strength, strength, and improvement of the body’s overall efficiency are essential aspects. It is an ideal addition to hard training days, allowing you to constantly progress and optimal, unhampered body regeneration.


1-2 capsules a day