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Practically no other known substance with an anabolic effect can compare with growth hormone. It is the most potent known anabolic substance, significantly increasing strength levels and leading to maximum hypertrophy. As a result, growth hormone has gained great fame among strength and bodybuilding athletes.

Of course, the natural level of growth hormone in the body begins to decrease with age, and in addition, its synthesis is quite limited. No wonder then that increasing its levels appeals to many athletes. As a result, manufacturers of dietary supplements faced the task of creating a preparation that could provide the described effect. Recently, the Core Labs company has presented the result of its research, and we must admit that it is promising.

This result is a new product in the form of capsules with the meaningful name HGH Max. The purpose of such supplementation is not in doubt. HGH Max is meant to increase the growth hormone level in the body and guarantee athletes all the benefits of this effect.

The action of HGH Max capsules is based on the synergistic action of two proven substances. It is, therefore, worth briefly describing them.

Ibutamoren – MK-677

The first of these compounds is ibutamoren, also sometimes referred to as MK-677. On the internet, you can often find incorrect information that MK-677 belongs to the group of so-called SARMs. This compound is a ghrelin mimetic, which increases the natural synthesis of growth hormones. That’s why its supplementation may be exceptionally beneficial for people practising figure sports in the broad sense of the word. Moreover, MK-677 is a trendy alternative to other forms of growth hormone intake.

When it comes to the effectiveness of its action, ibutamoren effectively increases the level of growth hormone in the body. This, in turn, guarantees several significant benefits related to anabolism. Researchers have proven that with regular supplementation, MK-677 increases lean body mass. In addition, it has a strong anti-catabolic effect, thus protecting against the breakdown of developed muscles. For this reason, MK-677 is believed to improve overall recovery after exercise.

Anamorelin – ONO-764

The second compound is anamorelin or ONO-764. It certainly doesn’t have as much of a “reputation” compared to ibutamoren described above. Nevertheless, ONO-764 can be an equally exciting solution for athletes. Why? Because it has some exciting properties. Not many people know that anymore; it also works in the body as a ghrelin mimetic. So, on the one hand, it enhances the effects of MK-677, and on the other hand, it complements it.

In terms of supplementation effects, ONO-764 performs equally well, although the results of research on this compound are relatively recent. Taking anamorelin also leads to a noticeable increase in growth hormone levels. Furthermore, it has been proven that this compound can rapidly increase lean body mass and muscle mass levels. This, in turn, opens up a wide range of possibilities for the use of ONO-764 for therapeutic purposes. However, there is no doubt that athletes can already benefit from the potential of anamorelin.


MK-677 and ONO-764 act as ghrelin mimetics, which interferes with the entire body. This is why manufacturers recommend taking these compounds in cycles. This also applies to HGH MAX capsules. According to the current recommendations, you should use only one capsule a day for about 6-8 weeks. It would help if you discontinued the preparation at the end of such a cycle.