Centurion Labz Laxovar 60 caps


Laxovar Centurion Labz preparation providing 5a-hydroxy Laxogenin, or 5a-Spirostan-6-one, a steroid compound classified as brassinosteroid, structurally similar to Anavar (Oxandrolone). Laxovar contains the most significant amount of active substance per capsule among all such products, making it the most economical choice. Luxor is a product with an anabolic-anti-catabolic effect. It supports the construction of dry, lean muscle mass, effectively supporting the creation of an attractive figure.

The supplement is perfect for increasing sports results in both strength and endurance disciplines. An additional advantage of the product is the relatively high safety of its use and low level of occurrence of side effects attributable to sex hormones administered from the outside or their precursors. Finally, the addition of Ashwagandha improves concentration, reduces stress, maintains mental performance, and improves mood during the day.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha – high-quality Ashwagandha root extract obtained in a process consistent with the principles of ‘Green chemistry.’ As an adaptogen, it has a positive effect on the body’s energy management. Contributes to protecting tissues against damage – acts as an antioxidant and supports the building of muscle tissue. It helps maintain vitality, well-being, and emotional balance and in states of reduced concentration, exhaustion, fatigue, and nervous tension. In addition, it supports learning, remembering, and maintaining mental fitness in good condition.

Laxosterone – a patented extract derived from the root of Smilax scobinicaulis (5-alpha-hydroxy-lactogenic). Delivered to the human body, it exhibits anabolic-androgenic activity, whose ratio is comparable to Anavar. In addition, it shows anti-catabolic properties by lowering cortisol levels. Thus, it supports the synthesis of muscle tissue proteins and their subsequent protection against degradation. Probably mainly due to interference with thyroid activity, it promotes fat loss. In addition, it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Bioperine – the active ingredient of black pepper, has a thermogenic effect. It can increase the blood supply to digestive tissues, resulting in better absorption of food ingredients. It significantly improves the absorption of many active ingredients of supplements.


1 capsule 3 times a day