Brawn Nutrition Super-GW0742 60caps


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Brawn Nutrition Super-GW 60caps

Want to gain muscle mass while reducing excess body fat? Need more excellent performance and endurance during training and better recovery afterward? Super-GW dietary supplement by Brawn Nutrition will meet all these expectations. Moreover, after the use of the preparation, your body fat will be maintained at an optimal level.

Cardarine from Brawn Nutrition, labeled GW-0742, is a substance that is considered to be the most potent agonist of beta/delta PPAR receptors. This type of receptor is present in the largest number of tissues, which control a significant number of genes, thanks to which SARM Super-GW has a strong effect on lipid and glucose homeostasis. By increasing fatty acid utilization and decreasing glucose utilization, cardarin prevents muscle catabolism.

In addition, the Super-GW supplement
reduces the feeling of fatigue,
contributes to maintaining a weight limit,
is dedicated to high-performance and endurance athletes,
accelerates fat burning,
helps reduce insulin resistance,
has a neuroprotective effect on the brain,
improves lipid profile,
does not affect the hormonal balance,
can be combined with other agents.


The practical and safe dose of the supplement GW-0742 is considered to be 10 mg per day on an empty stomach, which corresponds to two capsules. The product should not be taken in the evening to avoid sleep problems. A visible effect can be expected after approximately 2-3 weeks of use. A pack of 60 capsules is sufficient for about one month of use.