Brawn Nutrition S-23 90caps


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Supplements from the SARMs group are effectively displacing the once prevalent anabolic steroids from the market. The reason for this change is straightforward. Substances from this group can provide very similar effects, but they don’t generate so many side effects. This makes them a prominent alternative for a large group of athletes.

Brawn Nutrition was one of the first companies to market formulations based on SARMs, so it’s no wonder that it still enjoys a considerable reputation in the bodybuilding community. This reputation may be even more outstanding as Brawn Nutrition has recently presented its newest product. This product is also likely to resonate with those involved in strength and physique sports.

Brawn S-23 is currently one of the most potent known substances from the SARMs group, so it is only recommended for experienced athletes who have already taken other supplements from the SARMs group. However, one of the essential advantages of the S-23 is its versatile action. Suffice it to say that this product will work just as well during the weight gain phase as it does during the reduction phase. How is that possible?

Well, S-23 effectively stimulates the body’s anabolism in a broad sense. On the one hand, it promotes muscle mass building, and on the other, it accelerates fat burning. That’s why athletes can use its properties with different preferences and training goals. Significantly, S-23 also increases the hardness and volume of muscle fibres, making the whole musculature more impressive. An additional benefit of such supplementation is more robust vascularization.

Studies have shown that S-23 does not cause many side effects when supplemented according to current recommendations. Unlike many similar compounds, it does not cause prostate hypertrophy. It also does not affect hair loss or the appearance of other unwanted side effects. The only problem may be a temporary decrease in natural testosterone levels during the cycle. That’s why it’s a good idea to use a good PCT product after completing such supplementation.

Although S-23 increases strength and endurance, it can be combined with other supplements from the SARMs group. This way, the supplementation will provide the best results.


Brawn’s recommended dosage of S-23 is 2-3 capsules per day. The capsules should be sipped with plenty of water. To be clear, the described product should be taken in cycles of 4-5 weeks. You should discontinue the supplement at the end of the cycle and start taking a PCT product.


Due to its high anabolic potential and the possibility of lowering natural testosterone levels, Brawn S-23 should not be taken by persons under 21.