Brawn Nutrition Rad-150 90caps


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The compound referred to as RAD-140 is well known to many experienced athletes. Testolone is one of the most popular substances included in the SARMS group. This is primarily due to its very high anabolic potential. However, RAD-140 also has its drawbacks. That’s why Brawn Nutrition has released a brand new supplement containing RAD-150. These are capsules containing a compound referred to as TLB-150 or Benzoate. So what is worth knowing about it?

First of all, RAD-150 has relatively similar properties to RAD-140. It is also a compound included in the SARMS group. In addition, it has a high anabolic potential. However, the main difference between these compounds is the half-life and the resulting duration of action. RAD-150 lasts longer and thus provides even better results!

As for the advantages of this compound, here again, the anabolic qualities should be put in the first place. RAD-150 can very effectively support the process of gaining lean body mass. Thus, this is especially important for athletes concerned with their physique’s rapid expansion. In addition, RAD-150, like testolone, exhibits a protective effect on the nervous system. As a result, it supports brain function and significantly improves cognitive abilities.

What’s more, the modified formula of the compound does not significantly impact the safety issue. Therefore, when supplementation is recommended, RAD-150 should not cause too many side effects. Thus, it can be an exciting alternative for those who have already used testolone and want to test the properties of another compound with similar specificity.


Brawn Nutrition recommends taking 2-3 capsules of RAD-150 per day. One capsule contains 4 mg of the active substance. Due to the long-lasting effect of RAD-150, the capsules can be taken at different times. However, it is essential to consume only one serving per day. In addition, the capsules should be sipped with plenty of water, and RAD-150 must be taken in cycles of several weeks