Brawn Nutrition Rad-140


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You can find compounds with exceptionally high potency in practically every category of supplements. In this respect, they are superior to other supplements, which makes them particularly popular with experienced athletes. But, of course, such a relationship can also be found in the case of compounds from the SARMS group. Here RAD-140, or the popular testolone, comes to the fore. This compound can be found in Brawn Nutrition RAD-140 capsules, among others.

Brawn is known for creating supplements of exceptionally high strength and effectiveness. Therefore, the range of this brand could not miss a product containing RAD-140, as Testolone is rightly regarded as a potent anabolic compound. However, it is not a steroid, as it belongs to the mentioned SARMS group. Therefore, its use provides apparent results, but at the same time, it is a safer alternative. It is these two aspects that largely determine the current popularity of RAD-140.

Testolone, in the vast majority of cases, is used to build muscle mass. Indeed, its high anabolism significantly facilitates this process. However, the compound’s other strengths should not be underestimated. Indeed, studies have shown that testolone can also have a positive effect on the nervous system. Researchers speculate that it has a neuroprotective effect; it protects brain cells from degeneration. In addition, some attribute nootropic properties to the compound. Thus, testolone may support brain function and, in particular, facilitate attention and concentration.

Thus, RAD-140 is a very potent anabolic but, simultaneously, compound with exciting properties. Of particular importance for athletes should be its high safety profile. In addition, Brawn Nutrition is known for its attention to high quality and the wholesome nature of the products it sells. All this makes Brawn Nutrition RAD-140 capsules sure to be a good choice!


One capsule of Brawn Nutrition RAD-140 contains 4 mg of the active substance. Such a dose may be sufficient for people of low body weight. However, experienced athletes with higher body weight can take 2-3 capsules daily (8-12 mg). The capsules should be taken at once and sipped with plenty of water. Moreover, testolone itself needs to be taken in traditional cycles. Their recommended length should not exceed several weeks.