Brawn Nutrition MK677 30mg 30caps


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Recent years have seen a rapid development of the dietary supplement market. Nowadays, athletes can benefit from a wide variety of substances that will help them achieve their desired training results. Notably, the choice has become so large that even the once-popular anabolic steroids have begun to recede into the background. Why? Because equally effective but safer alternatives have appeared on the market. Brawn Nutrition MK-677 capsules are a perfect example of this.

As the name suggests, the active ingredient contained in such capsules is MK-677 or ibutamoren. This compound is mistakenly sometimes included in the SARMS group. It acts as a ghrelin mimetic, so its supplementation increases natural growth hormone levels.

Of course, the action of growth hormone is crucial not only for athletes but also for all people. But, of course, this compound is mainly associated with anabolism. This is not surprising since growth hormone plays a primary role in building muscle mass. Therefore, higher levels of this hormone facilitate the expansion of musculature.

However, the action of growth hormone cannot be reduced to this role alone. In addition, it should be remembered that this compound has a very beneficial effect on the regeneration of the body. Thanks to it, the body can regenerate all tissues faster and more effectively. What is clear, this also applies to muscle tissue. For this reason, ibutamoren will provide additional benefits to athletes who care about faster post-workout recovery.

MK-677 acts as ghrelin mimetic and is a genuinely safe substance. Compared to many other compounds – ibutamoren, when properly supplemented, should not cause side effects. Importantly, even if such effects do occur, they are harmless. Suffice it to say that the most common “side effect” is an increased feeling of drowsiness. However, you can easily use this to your advantage and take ibutamoren before bedtime. In this way, its disadvantage will become an advantage, as the compound will make it easier to fall asleep!

Brawn Nutrition MK-677 capsules contain pure ibutamoren without additives. Therefore, they are a good alternative for those who intend to test the effects of this compound.


Brawn Nutrition MK-677 capsules contain as many as 30 milligrams of ibutamoren in each capsule. Therefore, the recommended daily dose is only one capsule! It should be taken at any time of the day and washed down with plenty of water. MK-677 supplementation should be taken in cycles of several weeks.