Brawn Nutrition LGD-4033 60caps


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Brawn Nutrition SARM LGD-4033 60caps

Do you want to increase the density of your muscles in a short time? Looking for a safe supplement that supports mass gain and matches the strength of anabolic steroids? Need a change, taking your supplementation to the next level? Brawn Nutrition’s LGD4033, also known as ligandrol – (4-((R)-2-((R)-2,2,2-trifluoro-1-hydroxyethyl)pyrrolidine-1-yl)-2-trifluoroMethyl)benzonitrile is an effective solution. It is the most potent SARM available on the market.

The product is a selective androgen receptor modulator with no steroid structure. It attaches to the androgen receptor, thanks to which it accelerates anabolic processes in muscles. This results in a rapid increase in mass. The supplement prepares the skeleton for more significant overloads resulting from increased muscle strength. SARM LGD4033 also has other properties:

reduces unnecessary body fat,
accelerates post-workout regeneration,
reduces myostatin activity,
causes a rapid increase in lean body mass,
has an anti-catabolic effect,
improves muscle density,
maintains testosterone at a high level,
has a positive impact on tendons and joints,
increases bone density,
improves the quality of sleep.

Ligandrol does not cause prostate, libido, or hair problems. It also does not cause gynecomastia or mood swings. It is safe for normal liver function. It does not show hepatotoxic effects, unlike steroids taken orally.


LGD4033 is not recommended for beginners, women, or anyone under the age of 18.
Dosage is one to two capsules daily, preferably with a meal. Do not exceed a dosage of three capsules per day.