ASC Supplements El Jefe Limited Edition 426g



Are you looking for a supplement to increase your muscle strength and endurance? Focus and energy are qualities you want to improve in the gym? Then, we recommend the complex and highly stimulating blend of ASC El Jefe Limited Edition Pre Workout V2! It will make your every workout even more effective!

The pre-workout from ASC Supplements is a product that increases maximum strength and performance during exercise and provides the feeling of a powerful muscle pump. The second version of the limited edition has been reformulated to provide a completely new experience during use. The well-known and valued composition of the primary option has been enriched with, among others, Yohimbine, Halostachine or DMAE-Duvinate. Dosages have also been optimized to make your focus, energy, and confidence soar to a level with which you will crush all your training sessions.

Performance & Pump Matrix:

Citrulline Malate – a compound of citrulline and malic acid; helps maintain acid-base balance and improves blood circulation.

Beta-Alanine – amino acid, the precursor of carnosine; regulates acid-base balance, increases performance and resistance, reduces fatigue, delays ageing processes.

Betaine anhydrous – a dehydrated form of betaine; supports the circulatory system, reduces cysteine levels, has an analgesic and antioxidant effect.

Taurine – a sulfur biogenic amino acid that increases performance and fat burning. It lowers sugar levels, sharpens the senses, supports muscle regeneration and has anabolic effects.

Nitrosigine is a particular form of arginine; it allows an intense muscle pump and increases performance during exercise. It also supports the regeneration of the body.

Jefe LTD Stim Matrix:

DMAE Divalate – chemical compound, amino alcohol, powerful nootropic; improves concentration, memory and reaction time, increases alertness, benefits the skin.

Caffeine anhydrous – caffeine that has been filtered out of water; stimulates the body, sharpens concentration, increases performance.

Eria Jarensis – extract with high stimulating alkaloids; increases physical and cognitive abilities, improves mood and motivation.

Walnut Extract – a substance that supports the immune and digestive systems and improves memory and concentration.

Theobromine – a purine alkaloid responsible for dilating blood vessels, improving cognitive function and stimulating the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens enamel.

Caffeine Citrate – a chemical compound of anhydrous caffeine and citric acid that stimulates and supports the respiratory system.

Hordenine HCL – a phenylethylamine alkaloid that stimulates, energizes, stimulates norepinephrine production, reduces appetite and acts as a bactericide.

Higenamine HCL – a plant-derived compound; reduces body fat, dilates blood vessels and bronchi, promotes relaxation.

Halostachin HCL – a natural alkaloid; stimulates, increases adrenaline and noradrenaline secretion improves motivation and performance.

Yohimbine HCL – a substance obtained from the leaves and bark of the Yohimbe tree; supports fat burning, increases adrenaline production, regulates blood pressure, induces a feeling of muscle pump, supports sexual health.

Rauwolscine – a concentrated form of alpha-yohimbine; increases energy and vitality levels, improves libido and contributes to fat reduction, primarily from resistant areas.

Absorption Matrix:

Piperine – an alkaloid extracted from the top layer of black pepper fruits; optimizes nutrient absorption, boosts immunity, aids weight loss, supports the immune system.


The recommended dose is one scoop a day (10.7 g). As your training plan progresses, you can increase the amount of the pre-trainer you take to 2 scoops per day (21.4 g). The package contains 40 or 20 doses, respectively.

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