Androchem Laboratories MK-677 30x 30mg


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Androchem Laboratories Ibutamoren 30x 30mg

Mk-677 is a so-called Ibutamoren, a highly effective substance administered orally, which increases growth hormone secretion. Studies have confirmed that it increases the secretion of several hormones and causes a sustained increase in their concentration in plasma, which creates an ideal environment for building muscle and reducing fat, even at the same time. It is one of the few substances that have been proven in humans to increase muscle mass and bone tissue. Most importantly, it does not affect cortisol levels, so it in no way promotes increased muscle catabolism.

Mk-677 also improves the quality and depth of sleep, which, combined with a more favourable hormonal balance, ensures excellent recovery and eliminates signs of fatigue, including mental fatigue. Another exciting benefit of Sarmu is the significant impact on changing the metabolism of fats, which will help reduce body fat levels. In the future may be used to treat obesity.

The benefits that are associated with higher levels of growth hormone are undeniable. Higher growth hormone levels with stable cortisol levels are something that every athlete strives for. There’s no doubt that achieving such a state is an “anabolic dream” for our muscles. Ibutamoren makes it possible without the need to use HGH. Moreover, to maintain proper Somatotropin levels, one must administer HGH several times a day with perfectly balanced meals. However, the use of Ibutamoren solves this problem with a convenient oral form of administration, without problematic injections, due to its ideal 24-hour half-life.

Current data indicate that the use of MK-677 provides sustained and fat-free weight gain, which undoubtedly contributes to the desire for more advanced research and testing. In addition, it increases IGF-BP3, which leads to anabolic changes in body composition without elevating catabolic hormones.

The optimal daily dose of MK-677 is 30mg per day. Higher doses do not provide much benefit.


One capsule daily.