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The Crack pre-workout from Dark Labs is one product that needs a little introduction. However, despite the passage of time, it remains one of the most popular nutrients from the entire Dark Labs range. That’s why many people will likely pay attention to this cult nutrient’s new and limited edition.

Dark Labs Crack Barbarian Edition is a supplement that combines proven quality, effectiveness, and a particular breath of novelty. In addition, dark Labs has further enriched its product by adding new active substances. Thus, the action of this pre-workout can enter a whole new level. This will incentivize athletes to try the latest version of Crack Barbarian Edition.

What can be found in the composition of this supplement? When it comes to the list of essential active substances, it is undoubtedly necessary to mention compounds such as:

– Citrulline malate – one serving of Crack Barbarian Edition pre-workout contains as much as 6000 mg of this compound. At such a dose, citrulline will demonstrate its full potential, and you will gain effects from increased muscle endurance and a more robust pump.

– Beta-alanine – there is a reason why the combination of beta-alanine with citrulline is so often found in various dietary supplements. These compounds complement each other perfectly, and their synergy can provide even better results in supporting muscle and body performance.

– Agmatine sulfate – agmatine supplementation can benefit from a much more intense muscle pump. However, this compound also has another, albeit lesser-known, property. Namely, some scientific reports suggest that agmatine can support nervous system function and improve mood.

– Beta-Phenylethylamine (BPEA) – the most well-known property of this compound is to support the course of processes related to the synthesis of certain hormones (e.g. dopamine, serotonin). Thus, BPEA can indirectly support athletic performance.

– Alpha-GPC – choline in the form of alphoscerate supports cognitive functions and, at the same time, can positively affect the synthesis of growth hormone. Its supplementation provides athletes with dual benefits.

– N-acetyl-L-tyrosine – this tyrosine has a very beneficial complex effect on the body. On the one hand, it supports cognitive abilities and helps fight stress. But on the other hand, it helps build muscles and achieve increasingly impressive results on workouts.

– Eria Jarensis extract – the plant known as Eria Jarensis contains compounds with very pronounced stimulating effects. Therefore, it can help people who often complain about a lack of energy.

– Caffeine anhydrous – the anhydrous form of caffeine guarantees a quick shot of extra energy whenever it is needed most.

– Caffeine malate – caffeine malate has an even higher absorption level than other forms of caffeine. For this reason, it can perfectly complement the effects of the anhydrous form of this compound.

– 2-aminoisoheptane (DMHA) – those in need of a more substantial boost are sure to appreciate that the Crack Barbarian Edition pre-workout contains DMHA. Its presence can help overcome daily fatigue.

– Halostachin – another compound that can affect the maximization of the synthesis of important hormones, especially adrenaline. Higher levels of adrenaline can come in handy during intense physical activity.

– 2-amino-4-methyl pentane HCL (DMBA) – DMBA has a stimulant effect and increases the effectiveness of other compounds with similar results.

– Hordenine – this alkaloid is known for its positive effects on the functioning of the nervous system. However, in addition to this, hordenine can also improve the body’s overall level of performance and support the maintenance of physical fitness.

– Naringin – contained in grapefruit, naringin has strong antioxidant properties, which means that its supplementation can contribute to better recovery.

– Black pepper extract – piperine contained in black pepper increases the assimilation of many active substances. Therefore, its presence directly translates into more effective supplementation.

– Rauvolfia Vomitoria root extract – the active compounds in this root can act as a stimulant and stimulant for the body.


Mix one scoop (15 g) of Crack Barbarian Edition pre-workout with water and drink 20-30 minutes before training.

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