300 Labz CRYOVAR S-23 SARM 12MG 90 caps


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300 Labz CRYOVAR S-23 SARM 12MG 90 caps

300 Labz Cryovar S-23 is a well know lab in the USA which is advanced in the production of sarms. Careful laboratory testing of products ensures that the doses are exactly the description and the product is always at the highest possible level. CRYOVAR Sarm S-23 massive 36mg per servings!! 100% Quality Assurance – Pharma Grade Compounds

S-23 is a powerful agent that promotes anabolism of muscle and bone tissue, a non-steroidal compound, strongly promotes anabolic processes. S23 increase in the strength and performance of the body increases the endurance of the body. Studies turned out to be more effective than testosterone in inhibiting the catabolism of muscle mass. S23 helps build lean muscle mass. The most important benefit of supplementing with S23 is its ability to increase lean body mass. The second primary benefit is the proven ability to stop the effects after the cycle is over.

Serving size: 3 capsule
S-23 36mg per serving